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-An ATM transaction in Harajuku

-music in the lobby of a hostel in Miyajima

-the best laugh I heard all trip, Narita airport - can’t believe I got lucky enough to get that one.

-An anti-militarization/nuclear warfare protest in Osaka. The current Prime Minister (Shinzo Abe) is a hawk and has authorized an expansion of US military bases in Okinawa - hypothetically to help protect Japanese interests in the South China sea, where China has been expanding its influence quite a bit. Abe has caused a lot of anger with this move for a lot of different reasons - Okinawa is very different than the rest of the Japan and is kind of like Hawaii’s relation to the US - annexed as an occupied territory, with very distinct ethnic groups that have historically been treated like second-class citizens. I just heard that Abe’s party has given authorization for Japanese military forces to be deployed abroad, which has been illegal since post-WWII reconstruction. It’s pretty shocking. I definitely encourage you to read up on it, if you want.

-While in Miyajima, I walked by a building and someone had left a portable CD player with a speaker on a staircase. It was playing this song on repeat.

-There are also some wind chimes playing very low in certain places. Maybe you can hear them? Thanks for listening


from Japan, 6​/​21​-​7​/​14, released October 4, 2015




observance Seattle, Washington

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